Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?


We have a wide network of popular websites, PR contacts and Facebook pages. By pairing your page with our proprietary system, we can promote it effectively to a vast audience. Once your page meets the quota promised by us, promotion will be halted by us. Details about our proprietary software or our network is a trade secret. 



Do you offer real Facebook likes?


Yes, we do. Our FB likes are authentic human accounts. We do not make use of any software or other such illegal methods to create them. 



Do you offer targeted likes?


Our standard services are global and USA followers and likes; this implies you may receive likes from several countries. Our efforts are aimed at promoting your page to an audience that primarily converses in English. However, with such a global audience, the type of people who are keen to like your page cannot ultimately be controlled by us. 



Is it safe to use this service?


Your account's reputation and standing will not be negatively affected by LikeSocialFans in any way. We have no history of an account being removed or banned owing to us. 



Can a photo or a post be promoted by LikeSocialFans?


Yes. But, you will be needed to remove any privacy regulations from your page before you place your order so that the public can see your status updates and photos. Once you do that, place an order for any of our packages and supply the URL to your photo or post. The rest will be taken care of by us. 



Does LikeSocialFans need my account password?


No, we do not need any access or password to your accounts.

We build all of our followers and likes without the requirement of any admin access whatsoever.



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Am I free to run a LikeSocialFans campaign simultaneously with another third-party campaign?


Yes, you are but we advise against it. This is because our progress is tracked by your total number of likes.

In such a scenario, if your likes are increased simultaneously by another campaign of yours,

it will inadvertently become a part of the marketing efforts done by us for your page.


But, over-delivery is done by us on all orders to account for any natural likes received by you on your page while your campaign is running.


Since we promote your page manually, there is no software for tracking the exact number of likes sent by us to your page:

such software is present only with fake bots/likes, as all accounts are in the control of a single individual,

thereby easing the process of tracking and differentiation.


We cannot be held accountable for replacing likes not built by us owing to a conflicting third-party campaign.

That is exactly why we advise you to pause your other campaigns before you place an order with us.



When will my order start?


Since our service is run by human beings, please give us some time to start your order.

We have a proper order queue, and we manually promote all pages.

An extra day of preparation may be taken by targeted USA likes.


We will make all efforts to finish your order within the specified time of delivery on our site.

If you feel that it has been quite a few days and you still have not seen any visible movement,

or the estimated date of delivery has been exceeded by us, please get in touch with us, and we will give you a prompt status update.



Where can I see my order status?


A message will be sent to the email address mentioned during checkout at the time of completing your service.

If you are unable to see your likes on your order, even after the stated amount of time,

please make use of our contact page for sending a message to us. 



Why no order confirmation was received by me?


When a successful order is made, you will be sent back to the success page of our website by Paypal.

At this time, a notice for LikeSocialFans order confirmation will be sent by our website to your email id with an estimated date of delivery.


If the Paypal window is closed by you before you are redirected back to our site, our notice for order confirmation may not be received by you.

Our system, however, still has the entry of your order, and we are a hard-working bunch.

So, an order completion notice will still be received by you once we have completed marketing your page.



Is any warranty offered by LikeSocialFans?


Yes, a 1 year warranty is offered by us – if any of our followers or likes disappear,they will be restored by us, free of cost.

However, such cases are very rare; usually, we over-deliver on almost all our packages for countering any organic drop-off. 



Can multiple packages be ordered by me?


Yes. Multiple campaigns also can be run by you simultaneously (of the same package).



Can my order be split between multiple pages?


No, a single order cannot be split between multiple pages. But, bulk discounts are provided for such orders.

Use the contact page to inform us about your goals, and a quote will be given by us, along with the discount applied.



How can this service benefit me?


Only a handful of “Likes” on FB is an indication of the fact that your product or service is fairly new and not very reputable.

Your total number of fans is increased by LikeSocialFans, thereby enhancing your social network visibility rapidly with the help of our wide network of visitors. According to studies, brand exposure and website rankings can be significantly benefited by an increased social presence.